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Here’s What’s Coming Up!

March 18: Bead & Breathe with Josie

So much beauty. Both the women and the bracelets. And you can make one of your own. Besides the helpful properties of the gemstones, and how fascinating they are, the bracelets also double as essential oil diffusers!


Just an example of a bracelet YOU can make!

March 18, 2020: Enjoy a delicious BYOB dinner topped off by a make and take gemstone bracelet-making party featuring Josie Domanchich of Breathe by Josie! Josie will begin with a grounding meditation and end with a meditation to bond our intentions with our brand new bracelet. You can easily transform yours into an essential oil diffuser. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO AND TICKETS

Coming solo? Would you feel more comfortable having a built-in friend at this event? Please click here for more information on our Friendship Ambassador Program.

April 22: Private-Readings Psychic Dinner

April 22, 2020: At this enjoyable evening, every guest receives a private, personal 10-minute psychic reading with either Bridget, Marie or Margaret. It’s an evening of closure and healing, but also socializing and fun.

Click here for more info and tickets.

Coming solo? Would you feel more comfortable having a built-in friend at this event? Please click here for more information on our Friendship Ambassador Program.

May Event: TBA Soon

Details are on their way! 

Take a look at how much fun we have!

Come to our Girls’ Nights Out with Friends or make new ones!
This pic is from our very first Birthday Party

Making a toast to a fun Girls’ Night Out.
From our Sept 2019 Birthday Party

Jan 15 2020 Priv-Readings
From our November “Bead & Breathe with Josie” Bracelet-Making Event


Mom and daughters have fun at one of our Signature Psychic Dinners

girls' night out

Psychic Medium Judy Dingler bringing in messages from Spirit at one of our Signature Psychic Dinner

Click here to see LOTS more pictures,
PLUS what our guests have to say!

Find Out About All of Our South Jersey Girls’ Nights Out!

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Take a moment to check out pictures from our past events, as well as our Facebook pages:

  • Franks and Beans Events: Find out about our events, and have a giggle or two, on our official Facebook page.
  • South Jersey Girls Who Wanna Have Fun: This is our closed Facebook group for women only. Answer our QOTD (Question of the Day) while making new friends. If you see two Barbie dolls, you’re in the right place. FYI: We vet this closed group closely, so please answer the questions when you request membership.

Photography by Marvin Coe


If there’s one thing I learned at Girlfriendz Magazine, it’s that
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! 

I created and produced countless events for my magazine, and they were always a success because women just like to get together and have a good time. Now in my 11th year of planning and producing events, I understand why they are so popular. They create the perfect environment for:

  • Female camaraderie, social connection, fun and healing
  • Comfortably making new friends in a safe environment. Many of our guests are new to the area, due to downsizing, or another recent life transition. Groups are limited to 50 guests and assigned seating helps match similar women at small tables. We are now offering Friendship Ambassadors to sit with anyone who wishes, to help guests feel comfortable and meet new friends.
  • Reconnecting with old friends
  • Easily gathering friends together, without having to plan, host, set-up, or clean-up
  • Giving to charities that are important to women—95% of Franks & Beans events have a giving component
  • Taking a needed break from juggling, parenting, caregiving and working, as well as the challenges of life such as: widowhood, divorce, empty nest, retirement, relocation, illness, and/or whatever stressers or changes are in your life
  • Increasing your well being and longevity. Reports show that in-person connections have a greater impact on health and longevity than quitting smoking or drinking, dieting and exercising
  • At Psychic Dinners: Potentially connecting with loved ones who have passed.
  • At Painting & Crafting Dinners: Enjoying and exploring your creative side.
  • Shopping for merchandise and services from local, small businesswomen
  • Laughing, enjoying wine and a delicious meal, and if you’re lucky, go home with one of the many prizes awarded at each event

Come to Franks & Beans Events with friends, or feel comfortable coming alone. Because the women who come to our events are friendly, welcoming and yes, even nurturing!

We also produce events for companies who need to get noticed and increase their sales. Want to talk about an event for your business? Contact me!

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