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Magazine Covers for WebsiteHere are some samples of my work:

Contemporary Long-Term Care Magazine: The Vegetarian Option—Cost-Effective and Healthy

COVER STORY: Girlfriendz Magazine: Barbara Eden–TV Treasure

COVER STORY: Girlfriendz Magazine: Wanda Sykes—Relying on Humor to Make Her Way Through

COVER STORY: Girlfriendz Magazine: Mayim Bialik—She’s a Girl, She’s a Friend and Now She’s Our Girlfriend!

COVER STORY: Girlfriendz Magazine: The Many Sides and the Many Talents of Margaret Cho

Rowan University Newsletter: Rowan University Camden Campus, Winter 2010

Rowan University Newsletter: Rowan University College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Winter 2009

Long-Term Living Magazine: Top 10 Clinical Innovations in Long-Term Care

Media Interviews:

TV SHOW: Fox 29 Philadelphia’s “Bizzy Mamas” Segment on the morning news

RADIO SHOW: Jewish Sacred Aging

Links that are no longer available:

COVER STORY: Long-Term Living Magazine: Infection Control: Stemming the Threat of MDROs

COVER STORY: Long-Term Living Magazine: Tackling Two Nursing Home Infection Risks

Long-Term Living Magazine: Rx for Parkinson’s—Patience and Safe Modifications

Rowan Magazine: David Watkis—Seeing, Hearing, Believing The Power of Words

Rowan Magazine: Oscar Hernandez—Running Through Writer’s Block

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