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GIRLS’ NIGHT OUT: Psychic Event Where EVERYONE Gets a Private Reading!

Private Reading with Shelley Shaner-Edited

IN-PERSON PSYCHIC EVENT: Everyone is Guaranteed a Private 10-minute Reading!

DATE: Wed, Oct 19, 2022

PLACE: The Westmont Diner
572 W. Cuthbert Blvd, Westmont, NJ 08108
(856) 854-7900


EARLY BIRD TICKETS: $58* (Ends Oct 15, 11:59PM)

REGULAR PRICE TICKETS: $68* (Oct 16-18, 11:59PM)

AT THE DOOR: $75 (Contact Tobi to make sure tickets are available)

* Prices include a $2 ticketing fee


Our evening includes:

  • Full BYOB dinner: Your choice of salmon, chicken or vegan entrée.
  • Every guest receives an in-person, private 10-minute reading with Marie Gilbert of Irene Mazzei
  • Vendors and Vendor Bingo with Prizes
  • Door Prizes! Because no Franks & Beans Event, is complete without door prizes.

This event features Psychic Mediums Marie Gilbert and Irene Mazzei. (As noted from the beginning, if more than 10 tickets sell, we will bring in an additional psychic. Irene is that psychic!) Both Marie and Irene are gifted and accurate, and will answer your questions about romance, finances, career and more. They are also able to connect you with your loved ones, though no promises are ever made, as paying a visit at any particular time is up to your loved one. We recommend you invite your loved one to join you at this event and even bring something that relates to them.

Here are some examples of what Marie covers:

Marie on Loss

Marie on Fear

Marie on Career Change

Handling Setbacks

Psychic Medium Marie Gilbert brings love, grace and her heart into every psychic reading. Her humor informs her own life, and includes her love of everything Steampunk!

Marie says, “I get into more adventures than a comic book character.”

In addition to being a Psychic Medium, she is also an author and blogger, is certified in IET (Integrated Energy Therapy Healing) has a certification in Transformation and Cognitive Behavior Life Coaching, and her goal is to introduce life-coaching methods into her clients’ readings.

Says Marie, “I feel it is more important to help the soul sitting in front of me than to connect with the souls who have returned to God. The dead are quite happy and safe…it is the living who need to be protected and comforted.” 

* If more than 10 tickets sell, we will bring in an additional psychic.


  • SPECIAL DIETS: We are happy and able to accommodate most every dietary need, but we have to know about your needs as soon as you purchase your ticket. Send your request to Tobi at We cannot be held legally responsible for any health issues resulting from any of the food or activities at our events.
  • TICKETS CANNOT BE HELD WITHOUT PAYMENT: Seating is limited and events sell out.
  • SIT WITH YOUR FRIENDS: If you’d like to sit with friends, please notify Tobi at as soon as you purchase your ticket. It is the ONLY way to guarantee that you will be sitting together. Such seating can not be guaranteed the night of the event. Again, tickets can not be held without payment.
  • POLICY REGARDING REFUNDS: Guest tickets are transferrable ONLY for the event for which you purchased the ticket. If you purchase a guest ticket and are unable to attend, you may give or sell your ticket to a friend. No refunds, no exceptions. Thank you for your understanding

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