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GIRLS’ NIGHT OUT: Private-Readings Psychic Dinner

Every guest at this event receives a personal and private 10-minute reading with Bridget, Marie or Margaret. Margaret will offer Angel Readings.

DATE: Wed, April 22, 2020
5:30 PM-9:30 PM

PLACE: Illiano’s
Village of Taunton Forge
Medford, NJ 08055

Never been to Illiano’s? Call for directions to the parking lot: 856.985.2721

EARLY BIRD: $55 (Ends 3/22/20 at 11:59PM)
REG PRICE: $58 (3/23/20 to 4/19/20 at 11:59PM)
DAY-BEFORE & AT-THE-DOOR: $65 (4/20/20-4/22/20)

CLICK HERE TO PAY with Credit Card or PayPal: No PayPal account? No problem! After clicking on the link above, you’ll be taken to PayPal. Hit “Continue,” then scroll down to “Pay with Debit or Credit Card.” You’ll be taken to “PayPal Guest Checkout.” Fill in your info and click “Pay Now.” No need for PayPal!


Dinner at Illiano’s. Yum.

Come at 5:30 PM to register, and then shop our vendors. Enjoy a delicious BYOB dinner topped off by a private psychic reading and prizes (LOTS of prizes)!

Bridget, Marie and Margaret can help you with unanswered questions and important decisions that affect your career, finances and relationships. They can also help get you in touch with your loved ones who’ve crossed over. 

Psychic Medium Bridget Pagano received rave reviews at our last Private-Readings Psychic Dinner in January, for her highly accurate readings. Bridget is a spiritual medium and healer, and with the assistance of her spirit team, she passes messages from loved ones and guides, healing many people. Bridget is also a hypnotherapist and in her spare time she helps on a paranormal team.

Psychic Medium Marie Gilbert brings God, love and her heart into every reading for every client. Her humor informs her own life, and includes her love of everything Steampunk. Marie says, “I get into more adventures than a comic book character.” She’s an author, blogger, and has a “respectable following” as a Psychic Medium. She’s certified in Basic Integrated Energy Therapy Healing (IET), Transformation and Cognitive Behavior Life Coaching with a goal of introducing life-coaching methods into her clients’ readings. Says Marie, “I felt it was more important to help the soul sitting in front of me than to connect with the souls who have returned to God. The dead are quite happy and safe…it is the living who need to be protected and comforted.” 

Psychic Medium Margaret Phillips was praised for her accuracy at our last Private-Readings Psychic Dinner in January. She concentrates her practice on angels, because she’s been surrounded by angels since she was a little girl. It’s why her company is named “Angels Always Around Us.” She includes angels in much of her work because we are always surrounded by our angels, and at this event, she will give you a choice of a typical psychic medium reading, or an Angel Reading. Margaret says it consists of, “channeling your two main guardian angels and providing their names and the colors associated with them. This will help you be able to call on them personally and use their coordinated colors to draw you closer to them. Also, if there’s a message they’ve been trying to tell you and you’ve been missing it, or they feel you need to be reminded of it, I will relay that to you as well.” Margaret is also an energy healer, life coach and business coach. 

The evening includes:

  • 5-course BYOB fresh and abundant Illiano’s dinner
  • Your private, personal 10-minute psychic reading
  • Additional psychic medium readings will be available for $20 each
  • Dedicated Friendship Ambassadors: Our Friendship Ambassador Program offers our guests a dedicated friend so you can now feel comfortable coming solo to our events. To arrange for yours, email Tobi at as soon as you purchase your ticket. More info here.
  • Bring-Your-Friends Prize Drawing! Bring a friend and be entered into a random prize drawing. For every friend you bring, you get another chance in the drawing! They get a chance, too! Our prize for this event will be announced soon.
  • Charity of the Month
  • Vendors & Vendor BINGO with prizes!
  • Door prizes, too!

CLICK HERE TO PAY with Credit Card or PayPal

Private Reading Psychic Dinner* No one under the age of 21 is permitted. Thank you for understanding.

* NEED A FRIENDSHIP AMBASSADOR? Prior arrangements MUST be made immediately after you purchase your ticket. Click here  for more details. Email Tobi with your request at

* SPECIAL DIETS: We are happy and able to accommodate most every dietary need, but we have to know about your needs as soon as you purchase your ticket, and no later than 1 week before the event. Send your request to Tobi at Tobi@FranksAndBeans.netWe cannot be held legally responsible for any health issues resulting from any of the food or activities at our events.

* TICKETS: Tickets can not be held without payment. Seating is limited and our events sell out.

* SIT WITH YOUR FRIENDS:  If you’d like to sit with friends, please notify Tobi at as soon as you purchase your tickets.  It is the ONLY way to guarantee that you will be sitting together. Such seating can not be guaranteed the night of the event. Send your request no later than 1 week before the event. Again, tickets can not be held without payment.

* POLICY REGARDING REFUNDS: Guest tickets are transferable ONLY for the event for which you purchased the ticket. If you purchase a guest ticket and are unable to attend, you may give or sell your ticket to a friend. No refunds, no exceptions. Thank you for your understanding.

We look forward to meeting you!

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