Top 10 Best Items to Regift and Your Comments

By Tobi Schwartz-Cassell

January 19, 1995. The agreed-upon date the term “regifting” is first widely broadcast.

Proactive regifting by Jerry Seinfeld

Though people had already been surreptitiously performing this highly disputed act, it’s the first time it was thrown into the spotlight, and by who else? Comedian Jerry Seinfeld, who dripped “sponge-worthy,” “no soup for you!” and “master of your domain” into our water supply. The regifting bomb was dropped in Seinfeld’s episode, “The Label Maker.”

In a nutshell, regifting is when someone takes a gift they’ve been given, and gifts it to someone else. The hope is that the gifter removes the gift card tucked in by the original gifter.

We all know the good intentions (or the questionable motives) behind the regift.

So the question is…has anyone ever given YOU a regift?

I posed this question on our closed, women’s Facebook group, South Jersey Girls Who Wanna Have Fun, and here’s what our members had to say:

KW: Not that I know of but one time I thought it was a possibility

SM: Not really sure, but could be possible

NRF: Yup. No worries as I really liked it.

BAT: Yep

SD: Yes! And accidentally left the card from the original sender inside! However, I really am in full support of regifting!

AO: Probably. It doesn’t bother me at all, especially if it’s something I want or like.

CW: You took the words right out of my thoughts, AO!

JTL: Yes, I am sure that happened.

CP: I guess…hey, spread the love!

GBD: I’m not sure, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

AS-S: I’m pretty sure a friend gave me something she got from her baby shower that she never used and it has been my daughter’s favorite thing ever since she was born, and she’s five now.

MC: Yes, but they told me upfront. I think it’s fine.

JH: Probably. Hopefully.

DLG: Yes, it was the ugliest jacket ever. I wouldn’t mind, but it has to be something appropriate.

WLW: Most likely! Love it. Why not?

JRC: Yes! My family loves regifting!

MJK: I am a part of a ladies’ group here in Vegas and we do a regift party every year. It’s so much fun!

Ranker is a marketing and social media company. Their website asserts that they are, “…a worldwide leader in fan-powered rankings on just about everything. We believe that the opinion of millions is more relevant and far more predictive than the opinion of one critic.”

According to Ranker, here are the Top 10 best items to regift:

Everyone’s favorite singing fish is in the Top 10: Billy Bass by Gemmy Industries.
  1. Gift Cards
  2. Books
  3. Candles
  4. Alcohol
  5. Electronics
  6. Box of Chocolates
  7. Novelty Products
  8. Bath Products
  9. Board Games
  10. Artwork


This factoid from The Wall Street Journal may or may not make you feel better, “Everyone has received bad gifts in their lives, and we generally accept that we will receive more in the future. Yet for some (mathematically impossible) reason, we believe that we give only good gifts.”

I personally believe in upcycling if necessary, but with honesty.

The final word belongs to the Emily Post Institute, entering its 100th year in existence. Is it ever okay to regift? According to the Institute’s website, no. And yes.

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Virtual hugs!

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Featured Photo credit: Wall Street Journal