Survey SAYS…

by Tobi Schwartz-Cassell

About 10 days ago, I asked you to be honest with me.

After hearing from so many women in so many venues over the past year that they wanted me to plan a cooking demonstration,  I asked you to tell me why so few tickets sold for the resulting cooking/fundraising event I’d planned.

Well…thank you for sharing your reasons!

And as Steve Harvey says on Family Feud, “Survey SAYS…”


42% said: Monday nights don’t work for me…or…this date in particular doesn’t work for me (but if it did, I’d be there)
21% said: I’m not interested in a cooking demonstration…or…I would rather a cooking lesson than a demonstration
8% said: Too expensive
5% said for EACH of these: What? I already purchased my tickets! (5%)… or…This time of year is too busy for me (5%)…or…I prefer another charity (5%)…or…Personal reasons (5%)
3% said for EACH of these: This is the first I’m hearing about it (3%)…or…The location is too far (3%)…or…The event runs too long (3%)

Thank you sooooooooooo much for letting me know what’s on your mind.

Since this event was doubling as a fundraiser for Cantor Scott Borsky’s Animal Rescue Center, a 501(c)3 based in Cherry Hill, I am already working on another one. And guess what night it won’t be on? 😀



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