We all have a favorite. Who’s yours?

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By Tobi Schwartz-Cassell

Is it the sultry Carly Simon? The romantic yet environmentally responsible Joni Mitchell? Or the prolific and “how does she know what I’m thinking?” Carole King?

Obviously, mine is Carole King. I have adored her since I discovered Tapestry. I was a high school sophomore at the time, and you’ll never believe how I got my copy. But not right now; later on. I promise…

I love ALL of King’s music on ALL of her albums. I didn’t just buy in a forward direction (1971’s Music, 1972’s Rhymes & Reasons, 1973’s Fantasy, 1974’s Wrap Around Joy….), but I also bought backward (King’s pre-Tapestry album Writer, and 45s of her hits from The Brill Building). And with every new album I bought, I loved her even more.

Carole King comforted me after break-ups, energized me while folding laundry, inspired me when I had to write a boring paper, and lifted me when I finally got my driver’s license and could take to the highway with the windows rolled down and my long brown hair waving out the driver’s side. I’m listening to “Sweet Seasons” right now! I relate to her and Gerry Goffin’s lyrics, and was and still am even more moved by her melodies and mind-blowing arrangements.

So in 2008, just before the book “Girls Like Me” was released, I contacted Atria Publishers to get a review copy. I read it—devoured it, really. Then I asked for an interview with its author for Girlfriendz Magazine, which I was publishing at the time. They said yes! SHE said yes! And it turned out to be one of my very favorite interviews for Girlfriendz. I never forgot how kind and giving Sheila Weller was during our talk, nor the depths of her research for her books and magazine articles. I truly never forgot about that, which is why 8 years later, it was Sheila Weller who I wanted to shine the spotlight on at my long-awaited Women’s Expo—an expo I have wanted to produce since 2010.

So yes, this is a pitch for my 2016 Women’s Expo on Nov 17! And can you blame me? I have been waiting for this for a very long time!

So please join us! My remarkable team and I have been working on this since January to make it a truly enjoyable night with lots of fun (and delicious) surprises!

Click here now to get your tickets. Only $10, but the price goes up on Nov 7. It’s the ultimate Girls’ Night Out! Come and buy Sheila’s books and she’ll sign them for you! And bring your significant other, armed with your Wish List because we’re featuring a Boutique Marketplace with more than 45 vendors.

I can’t freaking WAIT!

Oh, and how did I get my copy of Tapestry way back in 1971? I promise to tell you at the expo. 😉




PS: Vote in the comment section below for your favorite: Carole King, Carly Simon or Joni Mitchell. And tell me why. It’ll be a lot less stressful than the upcoming vote on Nov 8. And PLEASE vote on Nov 8.

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