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Moving right along

Tobi Schwartz-Cassell’s Blog is “Moving Right Along…”

I’m Tobi Schwartz-Cassell and I am constantly moving right along, having moved along from Girlfriendz Magazine in December 2013. I am moving right along into the next phase of my life, starting in April 2014 with my new business, Franks and Beans Events. With this blog, I’ll continue from where I left off when my blog was published in Girlfriendz. Remember the TV show “After M*A*S*H?” Well consider this blog to be “After Girlfriendz.”

Mostly what I write about is what’s happening in my life, because I find that if I’m living through it, many other women are living through it, too.

In past Moving Right Along blog posts, I’ve talked about silly things like making brownie waffles on vacation, to more moving things, like watching my first child going off to college, to some scary things like living through melanoma.

Come along and join me in moving right along, and we’ll move into our future together!

And don’t forget to join me at my Franks and Beans Events! My staff and I produce some really entertaining BYOB Girls Nights Out like Psychic Dinners, Canvas Painting Dinners and Crafting dinners. See all of our events at

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